Conflict of Interest (for Reviewers)

  • A reviewer should not, for the purpose of his/her own research, use unpublished material disclosed in a submitted manuscript, without the approval of the editor,
  • The data included in the research paper is required to be kept confidential, and the reviewer shall not be allowed to use for his/her any personal study,
  • The reviewer must declare any potentially conflicting interests (g., personal, financial, intellectual, professional, political, or religious). In this situation, s/he will require to follow the journal’s policies on situations they consider representing a conflict to reviewing,
  • A reviewer should be honest to declare conflicts of interest, if, the research paper under reviews is the same as his/her presently conducted study,
  • If the reviewer feels unqualified to separate his/her bias, s/he should immediately return the manuscript to the editor without review and brief him/her about the matter.